Making art

A friend and i got lost in watercolor brushstrokes this weekend. We took off for the Indianapolis Art Center to take the heavy weight off our minds. 

making art because i am and can

I have never painted and can barely draw but in two hours i caught a passion to learn the intricacies of watercoloring. The water truly does the painting as the color dances atop it’s willing partner. The water graciously invites the intrusion.

The effects of the brush and the stroke of hand, all bring to life the “painters” thoughts inside. It was a magical time to get lost and create a world we wanted to live in. 

my chosen colors

I am yet uncertain if or when i should unveil my creation. I think i will practice a while before i release my inner painter’s paintings. I hope to be able to share a few watercolors in the future. 

Of course, being the heavy pinner that i am, here is my watercolor technique Pinterest page. 


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