indelible childhood book

i question my words
wondering why others read them.
i enjoy the process
able to express my thoughts.
it is the memory
of being invisible, letters dropped.
call me brave
it is courageous to be myself.

I read a post here that had me thinking to write about a book that left an indelible mark on my life. First, I recall writing a letter to an author I enjoyed reading and feverishly finished all her books in one summer. Judy Blume replied (I now realize a form letter, sigh) and have since misplaced, double sigh. Oh well.

The book that left an indelible mark was My Side of the Mountain,ย  Jean Craighead George. I often went across the street from my house, traversing the woods, in hopes to find such a tree Iย  could live. I never did find a place and have since lost my childhood hope. I probably would not care to live in a tree anymore. My cave is my writing room.


I love getting to know the people who read my blog and those blogs I read as well, so leave a post below or on your blog. I hope to read a few.

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