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Early Morning Inspiration

I have since lost track of that book I had thought to write. 😦 But my post from 2012 is a great reminder of a dream I once took. Have any of you heard God speak in your dreams? Since I am a believer, I believe it to be Him. One of many muses.

I once had a dream of an olive tree, very symbolic in the poetry of the Bible. I must go and try to write a poem. Thanks for reading my irrelevant thoughts. Appreciate your support as always. All my love, J


Ideas flow best while sleeping. Dreams bring story starters. Finding the meaning behind the pictures, emotions and thoughts, will clarify your waking moments. Keep a dream journal near your bed side along with a pen, pencil or other writing instrument, such as an iphone that has a notetaking app installed, so you can catch the richness before it fades.

Remember, tokens of God’s love is wrapped in secrecy and you are privileged to hear Him while your mind is at rest. The title of my book I am writing came to me early this morning. Those four words God whispered in my ear wrap up 45 years of my life, like a ribbon. That ribbon is in the shape of a heart, and with that nuggest of His wisdom, the name of my ministry was born.

He never leaves us nor forsakes us. That is written in Deuteronomy 31:8. He…

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