Word-High July: Kilig

I want to challenge myself with words unfamiliar and find a story untold. Inspiration from a land never visited but dreamed. So here it will unfold.

Here is Rosema’s blog and her poetry. I find it always positive and endearing. Oh, to always find the best in life. To stay focused on goodness one must fight against darkness. I know this all too well. The dark infiltrates my being and grips me tight. Past experience, trauma unresolved, tears that stream oceans. I often find glimmers of light, hope personified, sometimes in dreams and other times in my garden.

The other day I walked across shards of glass, miraculously no blood was left, the glass sparkly as diamond rainbows. The rain washed my soul. I lived another day to embrace loved ones who patiently wait for the girl they once knew. I hope a time never arrives when I let them down.

It is truly a battle. In dreams I have been promised this ugliness will one day soon pass away and Eden will conquer my hell.


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    • Awww, thank you for stopping by and if you can, do venture to her blog. Sunshine surrounds her words. I do not know why my first reply did not end up here, now my cute emoji’s are missing. 🙂

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