Good and Evil

In wings, strength resides
my fellow men, choose wisely.
Perhaps strong wings
flapping in the wind,
bold and mighty seem to win
unless it is the gentle touch
spreading good to all
shall conquer the grave, here and now.

It seems defeat until we believe,
accepting our purpose,
grow into our pain,
humble, not proud, to rise from a fall.
Go, speak to the heights of knowledge.

The question remains how we choose justice. Who do we follow? For centuries there was a way, shone brightly as stars. A clear divide devised society, as reasonable men chose logic. Love accepts but must we not also be circumspect? Do we allow all behavior to exist as good? Or is what we deem good, evil? Chaos is not for men’s benefit. Anxiety and strife cannot bring peace.

Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil.–Nietzsche

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  1. Wonderful quote from Nietzsche, from one of my favourite texts. Your poem is moving. I like the idea that the flapping of wings signifies our influence on the world at large. It is also important to rise in humility as we move forward. Peace. xo

    • I love your thoughts. Sometimes we are hesitant, not hearing our own words, fearful to step out. Im not sure if that is what caused your hesitancy to post on your blog but glad you did.

      • Thank you for your support and encouragement. The hesitancy was caused by that fear or I should say the knowledge that despite my best efforts, someone would try and distort my message. Even when I am prepared for resistance to a positive message, such a response still comes as a shock.

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