Writers we are

I always need encouragement. 

write it and read later

I do not know how you handle first drafts. Do you treat them like children, hold them back, mold, mend and polish? Or do you allow your words to grow of their own accord? 

I often push a writing out of the nest in order to see how it performs. I am not ashamed of any effort I put forth. Let it go!! Let your words perform for you. Let your words give feedback and continue traveling arm-in-arm. Never abandon thoughts. 

In the end, do what’s right for you. 

never give up a dream
I disagree, i try to make my words dance. They may not always soar. They trip and fall but I pick them up, brush off the dirt, and let them try again. 

Elizabeth’s sentiment of trying is important. Don’t be bashful. Hide behind your words. Let them speak and find a heart that seeks you. The kindest reward, a book on their bookshelf. 

Happy writing, J

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