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Daily Word Prompt

Elusive is as elusive was
years ago when she struggled with life.
who held answers
in crystal balls or penny charms?
would the local priest have an answer?
searching the green floor, between blades of grass,
four leaf clovers were to be found,
if any were left.
the town was searching,
all 123 residents,
on their knees,
in hopes to find the magic.

Had she only known
the meaning was hidden inside
where all things begin.
she searched in vain
where trickery exists to stumble.
her chance to shine lay hidden
in the stars and moon, sun and sky.
had she only wondered why they were formed,
an outward sign
as to what had died inside.

8 thoughts on “Daily Word Prompt

      1. Glad you like that–things that are quietly intense command greater attention than “loud and intense”, in my opinion and that of “experts” in communication πŸ™‚

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