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Filipino Language Challenge

Word-High July

I have not been able to keep up with my initial goal to post a poem Rosema, but I will attempt to do justice today. Sorry all that is coming out is sadness.

Ages ago and far away,
I know right, same old story,
but I promise this one,
well, let me tell.

A child was born,
who grew up to be a fine man
and married a charming girl.
They too had life
erupt between the two.

She was a loving mother
and he a grand father
and they lived happily ever after.
When generations passed
their ghosts appeared
and then the real story was told.

He lost his job
and love between grew cold.
He took to drink
and she to television.
The child lay awake at night
dreaming what could be.

One fateful night
all hell broke lose
tragedy struck the house.
Movers came and threw them out.
Hunger settled in.

No one in town
could understand
how swiftly life could change.
Lord only knows what happened then.

The moral of the story is when we paint pictures of serenity, often turmoil exists beneath the wishes and dreams. It is when tragedy strikes, we begin to appreciate the calm moments. This couple and their child eventually broke the chain of events and death died with them. And no, I have no personal attachment to the story, but inspired by my studies in juvenile delinquency, I have seen another side of life. A tragic existence for so many trapped in cycles of poverty. Yes, so very unspeakable, heartbreaking and all one can do is try to find hope and inspire them to reach for the stars, no matter how unattainable the goal may seem. Perhaps the moral of the story is to never give up.

Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush Don’t Give Up


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