Posted in Poetry

Boyhood Tales

Love raises questions in little boy’s minds.
They sit and think, become numb. Existing to suffer,
the world loses its color.
Cold and grey even in summer.

Then she washes ashore,
gleaming gown of sapphire,
waves of white, a belt of fortitude.
Dolphins sing with the whales
and playfully rise to greet.
They picnic, resting on the sand,
watching the stars twinkle.
Through the night she sings,
until morning rises
and he remains eternally grateful
for the grace of dreams.

His expectations were beyond,
her capable of only charm.
He had always imagined
her perfect shape and size,
a woman to fight on her own.

He wanted to take her name,
run from the madness, be calm. She wanted children,
to rock her child in a chair
and read Pooh through the night.

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