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Coat of Many Feathers

Why not,
a seagull fly
soar as the eagle?
I wonder,
will I find meaning
beyond eating,
leaving behind those who
feed me lies.

Will they accept me back
into the flock,
with difference of opinion?
Much is lost to freedom
and much is gained.
We love ourselves
as much as others
and we share knowledge
that they too can leave
behind desires of flesh.
Each chooses a journey.

Spirits soar where no man
dares to go,
fear cripples the feathers
but not the soul.

I may look like a seagull on the outside, but can you see the other birds existing inside? I have a coat of feathers, a myriad of colors, and most of all orange. I believe it is the orange bird that loves life, the happiest color to lift my spirit, embraces me when I am cold and heats others when they struggle with life.


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