The funny thing is, i enjoy the burn. I feel the match in my hand, the light flaring up, the release of primal screams.

I am
a mad, mad woman.

I miss not knowing what i wrote in a different state of mind. Pictures are powerful, they raid this kind of fantasy.

When i am mad, i am mad all over again.


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  1. I’m glad you say that, Jeanne although I’m sorry if what I wrote disturbed you. I’m very direct and don’t have time for BS. Ignore the bluntness if the message matters.

    • The first time I read your comment I had no response, kind of a fear actually. Then, today, the notification appeared in my WordPress box, I reread the thought and I ended up 😂. True words. We must brave ourselves no matter the image staring back. 👍🏻 Feeling more courageous than ever!! 😎

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