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Santa Fe “gifts” debriefing 

Well that’s just great!! Drafts I had put on stand-by, have posted. Grrrr!  Now I am shamed, having gone through a week of criticism of my writing by accomplished poets, poet critics and painters.

Oh well…no excuses. 

I returned from The GLEN retreat Sunday and it is Saturday.  The days in Santa Fe were amazing! Claude Wilkinson was an excellent workshop leader. The poetry readings by Li-Young Lee and Wilkinson were outstanding. Malcom Guite was the highlight! 

Today, I remain standing upon the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to consider scores of post-retreat questions. I leaf through the workshop leader’s notes on my poems, participant comments, consider reading the suggested book “Western Wind – An Introduction to Poetry” by John Frederick Nims and breathe in the much needed anointing, for strength of spirit.

Clearly pivotal moments define us. Santa Fe has blessed me with an arm full of books, new friends and many inspiring photographs. Now to see if my labors produce good fruit. 

Happy writing, Jeanne

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