Changes, as the clouds form,
growing on the horizon.
Beautifully sculptured dreams,
hearts and minds,
bringing shade, shelter and scents.
Showers cleanse our pain.
(Dream 8/20/2016 wrote @3:00am)

I literally found a hummingbird trapped in the screen porch this morning. I am not sure how he managed to enter this space. Hummingbirds have been messengers of mine since 2004 when changes of forgiveness and strength entered my life. These small creatures are a marvel of nature and signify courageous joy. I count this a true prophetic blessing from God, ministering to a weary heart.

Daily, while I was in Santa Fe, hummingbirds swirled around my head. I prayed for a chance to photograph their beauty. Finally, as I was saying farewell, a hummingbird bid me safe travels and my longing Β came true. (You can see him along the white fence towards the right.)

Santa Fe Blessing

I pray you are blessed as believers in the power of love and peace.
Peace as only God gives. J

A joyful heart is good medicine, but depression drains one’s strength.
Proverbs 17:22

I often think of my brother’s suicide. It pains me to know he is gone. My life is a series of serious traumas but God holds me in His right hand and shelters me in the storm. Be well.

9 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. This is so lovely, but I am so sad to hear about your brother. Wow. We’ve been holding my brother together with duct tape for a long time and I hope he makes it.

    Back to your humminbirds πŸ™‚ my mother really loved them and she’s gone now so I like to read about them. If you’d like to hear my little story about her it’s here:

    Thank you for sharing this…it touched me today

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