Posted in Memoir, Poetry, Soul Journal

March 1, 2008

With a gun he squeezed bullets into his brain.

Oh! To know!
My pain-pierced soul
strangle me.

A marksmen, he finished his life with a bang.

Taps played.
Snow fell.

Solidarity melting away
lying oblivion.

Wildness taking away
his memory. My memory.

a beautiful life
that is all I ask.

“I love you” he smiled. A hug of warmth turned frigid.

I struggle
hiding estranged goodbyes.
His pain. My pain.

I struggle
wishing it had been me.
Days brandished by dark.

I struggle
crying in the light.
Happiness leaden with guilt.

I simply love, share an honorable strength.

Sensing, knowing, feeling,

Another way is possible.
Oh!  Can I convince you to stay?

Arms opened wide
embodied imaginations.

Oh, to only know!  Pick up a spear, pierce hope into hearts, push forward with tenacity!

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