Just me

Thoughts make a nest
of chatter and churn
without regard to my needs.
They blanket up
and spread out to feast
on my fears and watch me bleed.

Instead of sleeping,  which is probably my best bet if I want to enjoy today, I am squabbling over words to put to thoughts and depending on you to read and like and feed my ego. Ha!!!  I am an overly needy person. I cannot find rest within myself, constantly buzzing and changing decor. Find me at a party and not a peep makes way out of my mouth. My husband chalks it up to hormones. Oh, those thing-a-ma-jings that get blamed for my inability to keep myself together! I am sure they hate me too! Oh blasted!! I have gone and done it again… it is just me after all.

😉 J

(FYI: None of this is true. Does it even make sense because I may be sleep-writing at 2:30am Eastern time in Indiana.)


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  1. This is such a beautiful piece of writing, thank you for sharing it with us. I am so inspired after reading your post. I am following your blog so that I can read more.

    • BTW, I hope you do find a way to post on your blog. I like the title, calm out of chaos. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Cheers! J

      • With your encouragement, I may be able to get there! I read you often and realize our souls have made friends!

        There is chaos that is continually being calmed in my life. Soon I hope to have the strength or weakness as it may be, to “scribe it” a bit.

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