Soar as an Eagle

July 2014

Powerful feathers
Vision’s freedom in my soul
A moment of grace.

Awe resides within
Encouragement to run forth
Perched above the race.

Note behind my photograph. I was sitting at my writing desk, looking out over a body of water, when a large black bird soared past the window. Turning to my left was perched a baby eagle on the garage rooftop. I imagine he was waiting for a picture to be taken so I grabbed my camera and snuck out the front door, approaching from the back. There is no sneaking upon an eagle, but the stillness was long enough to catch a silhouette. When I looked out, mimicking his vision, I noticed a deer grazing along the edge of the woods. Was that going to be his dinner? What tenacity if so!

I want to be like the eagle. Even in adversity, to find courage to run the race set before me, to soar above the fray. I want to find strength to live in troubled times and mind. In the roller coaster of life we will find setbacks and victories. One day we only will soar!

Happy writing, J

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