Silent Remembrance

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived.

No threat or deliverance of terror is strong enough to fence in the speechless. Today is a day of “Never Forget” in silent remembrance.

Feverish months,  after the “9/11” Twin Towers and Pentagon attack, men and women dropped to their knees. In a quest to make sense of the senseless, did God hear their pleas?

The ageless question of “Why?” has dogged the most brilliant of minds and the most simplest of minds. I am not satisfied with the answers and perhaps that is the solution.

We who remain must counter people who do harm. The honorable remain standing, live freely, where good is consciously grounded  in “No Fear”.

Those lost
reading of their names
a symbol of hope
to remain vigilant.

No one
should give up their
faith, peace or joy
in surrender to radical vile.

Never give in where evil lurks. I pray strength overcomes what dogs your life. J





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