Mixed-Media and me Part One

What are you doing today?

I have been hit by a creativity bug so I embark on a new journey to explore other mediums to tell a story.  I will temporarily put down my pencil to pick up a paint brush and scissors, running with a moment, a seasonal breeze to carry me along. Not sure how I’m feeling, a trace of electricity flowing through my body, though there is a general direction I am heading towards.

I feel white
like a new sheet of 140 lb paper
clean and fresh.
Brush strokes tickle like a feather.

The first step is to assemble the materials:

I am using Carso 140lb cold-pressed watercolor paper, a 1/2″ rake brush, dabs of Vermillion, Yellow Ochre, Coeruleum and Sap Green watercolor paints.

Last Tuesday I drew the Ancient Etruscan bronze horse from a photograph with chalk pastels. I love the simple, clean lines. I had no idea until this morning what to do with him and decided to incorporate a found magazine image, old US postage stamps, a silk leaf and cut out cotton paper to form a story. Most of my images were some where in the house. I admit I had tremendous fun scouring through my studio (aka quilt, scrapbook and craft room).

Here is the first watercolor layer:

While I wait for the first layer to dry I am playing with a few chosen Etruscan words to incorporate into a poem.  Here is a sampling:

thamna (horse)
neri (water)
Celi (September)
uslane (at noon)
tular spural (city boundaries)
clan (son)

I confess I am artistically challenged in drawing and painting with no formal training and I encourage you to try. I have a Pinterest board you can follow with lots of sparks to get yourself started.

Having fun, J

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