Sheriff Whats-her-name

Here she is, our new Sheriff. She is Amish born and bred. A true mouser. Literally born in a barn and recently relocated to a mole and mouse infested town…our backyard. Our last cat, Moustacheo, left us in May, he had a bladder infection, rest in peace blue-collar working man, and needed to be replaced immediately. The neighborhood wildlife, aka bunnies, moles and mice noticed Moustacheo’s absence and moved right in. It was less than a week before my garden became Utopia!! 

I took matters into my own hands but I was outnumbered and outmaneuvered, 1000 to 1. I gave up my badge and turned it over to Sheriff Whats-her-name. 

She has officially been given license to roam these parts and during a recent storm darted off to our neighbors who held her for ransom overnight. The neighbor was kind enough to return her unharmed and all is well between us again. She is back on the beat and I noticed empty tunnels abound. I have put up “no vacancy” signs all around. Hope every last stranger gets the hint soon so no one gets hurt. (She has been told to leave the birds and butterflies alone!) 

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