Mixed Media and me Part Two

Moving forward from Monday I have assembled the images on the water-colored paper although I will wait before I affix them permanently. The backdrop still feels blank, missing an emotion. I have added a drawn charcoal image of her but it also lacks color.


His son’s body merges with Hera
drinking the fountain of youth.
At noon, his horse leaves
200 shekels of silver,
city boundaries covered in cloud
kissing the stars, goodbye.

Stamped letters sent to his lover
witnessing the rising moon.
Merging, a solar eclipse
a fashioned idol Zeus,
broken fences need mending
the brittleness of drying bones.

Mortal men find fear
lurking beyond.
Mount Olympus rising towards the sun
“cloud-gatherer” and thunder,
the dancing of the muses
praying for oxen and mule.

Art Poetry

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