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Stone Weaver

I mentioned how close these words are to my soul, but wanting to share. Why? As a person of words there are none to fashion, a soul invisible, these being the closest possible.

To my friend at Pueblo Bonita B&B, Santa Fe, NM, July 31, 2016 written early morning.

Owl totem, azure sky
rainbow in her pocket tonight.
Spirit of horse, tame and wild,
free to be her friend,
defend his mane blowing in the wind.
Rain falls, outstretched arms
cup your hands. Drink deep the land.

Girl, on bareback
bare feet
high in the cottonwood tree.

Her response. July 31, 2016 written late afternoon, given to me before I left.

How did you know?
To see me so clearly
the horse
   did I tell you?
now hummingbirds will

   remind me
      of you.
Wind is my favorite
   gives us everything
      rain, snow, clouds
         Songs through
         cottonwood trees
lay in the tall grasses
      and listen to a symphony.
Memories of childhood
      chasing dust devils
      long naps
         in cottonwood trees.
   Dippin’ swayin’ to the rhythm
How did you know?

There is no poem that means more to me than this but I pray it is sent on the cottonwood breeze, to reach her heart and know I am thinking of her.  Be blessed today friend(s). J

I do believe there is a God and offer this prayer in hopes for an answer. Can you hear my heart cracking? God are you there. I do believe in You as I believe in air. Breathes of canyon deep. I pray if I have done wrong, by sharing, forgiveness grows as a cactus, with what little resides.