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Courageous is a funny word. Many of us wish to be brave but courage kicks our butt. On my shelf sit books, I too afraid to crack open, knowing they will give me knowledge. Unhinge me from this stagnant life. I suppose it fear. Fear of what I am unsure, fear all the same.

The books I dream of opening and the back cover words that stir my heart.

Each character in a book has a visible self and an invisible self. I’m not sure how often I’ve been told that my characters are “not wholly lovable” or just plain “not likeable”. It always hurts me to hear it, as it does any mother who is told that her children are obnoxious.” Katherine Paterson, The Invisible Child

Perhaps I start with that book first, relating to the invisible child. I relate to two selves. One a shell who covered wounds that invisible wore. The other true to my dreams that visible stole.

Courage is the juicy secret you promised never to tell. Bernard Waber, Courage

Ok, so I cracked Courage open. Now is better than never. As far as I am concerned, I find it courageous to speak, find my voice, even if the truth is hard to bare. Painful spoken, lessen the troubling mental fatigue. You can travel the world, oblivious, and then someday, when you see the dark clouds rumbling in for the first time, you will stop in your tracks and think about things. Things like childhood and why you hide from truth. There will be those naysayers who will say it all lies, who will not understand your story. That is okay. Truth has enemies too.

Other books I need to read are  The Grace of Great Things Robert Grudin, Ways of Seeing John Berger, Long Quiet Highway Natalie Goldberg and The Words Lincoln Lived By Gene Griessman. I hope they contain words to inspire and light my way. Lincoln must have courageous words to share. I am positive. Positive is also a funny word. Negative lives on fumes. Fumes are often all we have to live. Keep the light, inspired, uncovered to give it oxygen. It needs to breath as much as you. Crack open the book.

Common looking people are the best in the world: that is the reason the Lord makes so many of them. Lincoln

My husband is smart. Super smart and he does not show it. He has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and could be addressed Dr. so and so, but refuses the title. He is a common man and knows it. It makes me proud. He is the man who treats those below him as he would like to be treated, knowing he once stood in their shoes. His pants too short and holes in the soles. He is a courageous man.

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