On Piety

I have been reading Words Lincoln Lived By by Gene Griessman as a devotional for solace of mind. He was a thoughtful man and had many quotable words to remember him. I read Chapter 41 this morning “On Piety” and was quite amazed.

I have had so many instances of His direction, so many instances when I have been controlled by some other power than my own will, that I cannot doubt that this power comes from above.  –Lincoln

Gene Griessman goes on to critique his words and critics who believed Lincoln was an atheist, a deist and had no interest in religion. Griessman points out he did not join any particular church. He referred to his faith as “a kind of poetry”. Wow!! I believe so too as I see life is spent living and not just talking about beliefs. If you read my Sunday posts you will notice it is spent reflecting on what is happening around and within me. I am glad to know I am in good company. I too know my life is directed by a power beyond myself. I would be a failure had God not intervened in my life, gave me purpose and hope to hold.

I know religion does not sit well with many people. I respect you and for your experiences on how you view life. Life is precious. It must be handled with care as people need to be handled duly as well. All I can do is sit and rest in hands who I believe truly does care despite the world rumbling into despair. People questioning, including myself, how we have gone so far into the abyss.

These are my opinions. Feel free to share your own. I would love to have a conversation about this topic. It truly is of interest. Be well. J


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