Devil’s advocate

we never know
what lies beneath the hair of a complainer
pettiness covers a life of misery
choose to ignore the pain
bother with the folly,
to toast or not to toast,
this, the fool’s question.

I am, in no way, making an excuse for your unbecoming behavior. Some day we must face ourselves.

I grieve the love lost, dad,
years blanketed by childhood games
you worked night and day
your mind never in a place to be found.
now, I stand before you,
you lost in another world of meds
with no way back from here.

how much
can break us
tear us apart?
how much is too much?
one more death
one more crack-up
one more night to fight.

you told me once you loved me
you shook in fright and tears
I yelled at you for stupidity.
he knew and I knew and the world knew
he was a dad lost in work
day and night took him away from me
with no way back from here.

My nature is to see the best in everyone, if for no one but myself. Some people take more effort than others. I am effortless.

would you choose
to live life differently
if given a chance to live life again?
to toast or not to toast,
no easy question for you dad.
I will not wait on the curbside,
watch the wheels roll on past.

“l’chaim” (to life)

Memoir Poetry

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  1. Most of us learn too late.
    “he was a dad lost in work
    day and night took him away from me
    with no way back from here.”
    I was your father and today I’m different. I watch my Grandchildren daily and I try to spend time with my kids. I believe men become better Grandfathers than fathers.

  2. An honest inner dialogue, between the ego and the alter-ego, dealing with the theme of neglect. She chose him as a Dad to learn her lessons in this lifetime. Some lessons are tough. The voice of the heart is the one to follow.

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