Space between our existence

I venture to say I sense healing has come my way as I bask in the sun. I discovered a park on my way home from excursions, a hidden gem in Fishers IN, USA. I hear the highway, a steady hum, the car wheels keep on turning. I choose to be still for these autumn moments. A chance to release toxic feelings. 

It is I, the squirrels and dreamy birds, soaring to melodies. I imagine they pray for me. Reaching altitudes high enough, with keen vision, they notice the tears below their wings. I echo their song.

The sky is blue, choo-choo, choo-choo

I shall sing and dance, remember you!!

As I walk, I peer down, leisurely snatch a few red-orange maple leaves to press. It has been a while since I bothered to capture positive memories, still lifes. A park bench welcomes me to sit awhile. I accept, ponder and feel anxiousness creep inside. From where do these thoughts appear? Ghostly existence deep within my heart, beating faster as if I run. The acorns bombing my position. 

No time to waste, the cardinal resumes a song, his red feathers sensing winter soon appears. 

Leaves twirling mid-air, a dance of farewell. 

A bow and curtsy, we bid each other peace. 

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