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time found her an answer

get serious!
i once thought a blog
enough to satisfy
endless words emptied
then, an illumination
a bang!
exit an insignificant life
a book to publish
title picked out
theme derived

i am not ready to share details for obvious reasons. i pray i find someone interested in considering, accepting and/or publishing my idea, if only myself. i feel i figured enough to know my book, leave the rest up to the reader. so i am on a quest to hold up my idea and words…a purpose for my readers to consider, whether worthy to purchase or move on without me by their side.


She couldn’t resist the warmth another second. The afternoon sun wooed her eyes closed. His voice disappeared.

She holed up in that room as family waited for dinner. “Just a minute!” would turn to hours. They no longer waited for her. In solitude, she resigned to die in that chair, happy.

A fist on the door woke her. What time was it? A splash of cold water needed, she opened the portal.


i am happy today. an improvement enough to push  forward. happy writing, j

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