today a hidden haunting.
i yearn to know myself
why i am as i am.

i accept this life
rather than run away.
days to rejoice
and days to struggle.
time to feel an over comer.

Nights wait out the dark.

Days and nights. Nights and days.
always seeking, never finding, knowing there is a way.

Soul preserved for such a time
a time to fly away.
be free, be free, be free!

from nights and days,
from days and nights.

**I am so excited to discover such beautiful music. Wonderful movement to write to, although I tend not to write to music playing but search for music to fit my moody words and help edit what I am saying, even though editing is never a finished process, as perhaps you may know. Then, some works never reworked, hence first drafts. Happy writing, J 

Art Music Video

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