Abandoned Children

Ronovan Writes/ Hearts&Petals

heart(aches) and petals
prayers for children suffering
swiftly to and fro

Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge words immediately spoke to me. Yesterday was tutoring day with School on Wheels. Victor, Bentley and DeAnthony always show up happy to do art and math, eating their lunch before they become artists for half-hour. They skip play time on the playground with friends and never seem to miss being outside. There is never a word or action to indicate they rather be elsewhere. Lost in their imagination.

Victor is quite rambunctious. Bentley is thought to have autism but you could fool me. He is always alert and engaged. DeAnthony is sweet and challenged academically. He is much further behind his peers. He struggles with writing numbers. Yesterday they wrote their numbers from 1-20 with oil pastels and then washed over them with watercolors. DeAnthony’s art was dark and gloomy. Victor was careful to keep in the lines with subdued colors. Bentley took a long time, steadily perfecting each number. He finished painting five numbers, with bright colors. His work remains incomplete. Perhaps next week.

For inspiration we looked at Jasper John’s paintings.

just paint paintings without a conscious –Jasper John

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