classical beauty
sensuous experience

extravagant tears
yearning soul

sacrificial or revenge
rough chisel pure hearts

answers remain unknown

It was certainly a welcome surprise to find a sculpture of Rodin’s on my visit to the MFA in May 2016. Ever since I seen the movie “Camille Claudel” the relationship between Rodin and his mistress has captured my imagination. Much like the Madame Bovary story, I watched loud on the inside, subdued in manner. I felt the dance build to a crescendo and relieved uncontrollably by sorrow. The ending of Madame Bovary is quite extravagant but often mourning lovers take their lives. 

What of Camille?

sculptures captured
less elegance, more edginess

slabs of lifeless clay
distinguishable person displayed

she a god
creating madness alive

her answer obvious

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    • I watched the movie and immediately fell in love with their story. Claudel’s sculptures are phenomenal. I hope to be able and see one in person. The story is extremely sad. Her family awful. But she survived. I don’t know much about her later life. Hopefully she was at peace.

      • I think she stopped making sculptures towards the end of her life. She suffered from Schizophrenia. Most of her work was destroyed, but the remaining ones show she was a revolutionary sculptor. 🙂

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