Indy Eats

Purple Haze brew with hints of Raspberry
Zydeco in Mooresville IN

Hey!! A bit of Louisiana in Indiana. We meant to go here for several years and finally made it after pumpkin patching in Monrovia IN.

I actually tried gator, and thought ehhh! (Poor gator.) We also tried Black Cat (catfish) and Bourbon Pecan pie. The fish, pie and beer were excellent. We were not satisfied with the Jambalaya. Decor was lots of fun!!  The restaurant was featured on the Food Channel with Guy Ferrari which raised our expectations. Since I do not like shrimp, I cannot attest to the flavor, so it is still worthy going to Mooresville and checking out Zydecos. The downtown  also has three antique malls, chock full, most open until 4pm.

Mooresville, a small Indiana town and rambling countryside, ready to explore. A great way to spend a beautiful Autumnal Saturday afternoon.

Anderson Orchard, Monrovia IN


Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix  Click to watch, if desired.

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