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Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived.

Hardened hearts, bitter souls and broken minds, I believe, describes a large portion of lives. If you count yourself among those who have forgiven, moved on or reconciled, you have found the power and glory of God above all strength of men to counter evil this side of heaven. So live peacefully among enemies, guard your hearts and minds from corruption and seek reconciliation where possible. Where evil resides hand it over to God, be still and watch His mighty wind bring righteous change.


I feel a need to speak to what is happening in America’s election. It is shocking, but not, it is unbelievable, but it is not, it is extraordinary, but it is not, it is the end, but it is not if righteousness prevails.

There has been gnashing of teeth, behind the scenes, not of politicians, but of the American citizenry who have watched freedoms erode for law-abiding citizens. Riots in the street of those who have been victims of government rule, not pulling for themselves and speaking out for their neighborhoods. They have sat in squalor, watched squalor take over, and find themselves deeper in the hole. People have flocked to the suburbs, from the cities, because of crime and poverty.

I am not a student of history as much as I love history. I cannot go deep enough into the time after the freedom of slaves. I do know a few rose above the noise of the day but many more did not. They fought and won often. They fought and lost many more. Today, the power is in a person to become a citizen, obey the law, live in peace, find hope, seek love, find forgiveness, and somehow our society has failed to see progress. Today is the most divided we have been since Lincoln’s days.

I tried to find words of wisdom from Lincoln. I read Gene Griessman’s book The Words Lincoln Lived By, and wonder why there is not a class on Lincoln in schools. He is a man of honor and wisdom all Americans can live by. It is a shame we have squandered a man’s determination to make men free to have them slaves to themselves.

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