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boiling point

Americans are tired of this election. All the lies tossed about, stones thrown at either side, knowing full well we are left with nothing to hide. Wikileaks has shown what most Americans have known. We are no longer abiding by laws at the highest level of government. Corruption, sharing of secrets on unsecured servers, trash talking women, murders and suicides hidden in the background, money flowing in and out into their pockets…(do you see I hid the other candidates sin among a growing pile of another one’s sins). There is no way to determine who is the better or worst candidate. All American’s can do is vote in shame, in hopes our selection is the best for our country.

A new poll shows Americans fear violence no matter who wins. Russia seems to be gaining nuclear power over the world and particularly upset with Americans. Talk of wars and rumors of war a never ending cycle. No one can solve this but there will come a time where a person will promise peace, rule the world from one location. All countries with no borders, money ineffective unless you pledge allegiance to this ruler who you may not believe in. Seems like a fairy tale gone bad, but many believe this will occur. The stage is set.

A new world order has been talked about for a long time. Often in secret but no longer. It slips into conversations as easily as air into our lungs. What can a person make of this? Unbelievable or a saving grace? Is there a God or are we gods in control of our own future?

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