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Tree trunks in the grass

Van Gogh, 1890

Visited the Cincinnati Museum of Art, 11/04/2016, to see the exhibit “Van Gogh, Undergrowth”. This painting was on display, and although no photography was allowed, i found an image online. To see this painting up close extraordinaire. 

Van Gogh’s work is sensual. A sexual encounter. This painting a new favorite. The favorite. One to immerse and revel, detail of color to paint a soul. 

This was a prolific time in Van Gogh’s life while in the asylum. He wrote Theo “work is progressing well, I have done 2 canvases of the fresh grass in the park, one of extreme simplicity. I enclose a quick scribble of it”. 

There is a mystery surrounding this painting i have yet to answer. I have Ingo F. Walter and Rainer Metzger’s Van Gogh: The complete Paintings, without this painting included. There must be an answer. As of now nothing to note.  

Van Gogh always of interest to me. 

love not understood
keep me pining for more.
love that saved me
fathom the final score. –J

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