tears are made of

Who has seen their share? Of tears!
mothers face decisions, them
not us, the masses turn away.

I sat and listened
facing fear and judgment
not knowing her future
anxious and afraid, she shared
what I know a terrible time
wounds deeper than ocean tides
that hide what tears are made of.

Where did her tears land?
Mine, upon rocky shores of old
where memories fathom grief
and never fade in time.

Several years ago, I counseled women in a crisis pregnancy situation, searching their questions along side them, desperate for help and answers. There is one particular day and woman who remains with me, forever. Her story spanned 30 years and 5 children, several abortions, a son who wanted her dead, a scar to prove the nightmare, and pregnant again. It was my birthday. She was the same age as me. We talked over two hours. I do not know how her story ends. Most likely never will. Only action to take is pray for her well-being and feel helpless. A real moaning every time I watch and listen to Cider House Rules.

Tragedy knows no bounds. Memories never fade with time.

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