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walk away

No one hears
perchance their own voice
they turn and walk away
satisfied with their opinion
avoid responsibility
mistakes and wrongs committed.

you learn to keep
quiet, much needed rest
thoughts useless when
the masses feel protest
towards the feelings of others
why do they feel that way anyhow?

shut the door
no one listens anymore.
choose to walk away
unsatisfied I lost your attention
my silent forgiveness, a reprimand
i become the ghost that haunts.

no one bothers nowadays…
everyone walks away.

3 thoughts on “walk away

    1. I volunteer in the inner city schools and yesterday was a difficult day. Sentiments about the election and what is said outlet. I kept my tongue, remembered why i am entering counseling and keeping on. Im not necessarily walking away…there is also an aspect of close relationships gone horribly wrong.

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