Sacred sayings

Indianapolis 2016

Sacred sayings or desecration
i cant say i understand
parking garage art
pictures and words

888 and valuing 7, 5, 3… 2
existing meaning, a vacuum
SLAM! ready for blast off
rocket into space and time.

4 thoughts on “Sacred sayings

  1. Yes. This opens up all sorts of questions. Should art be kept in galleries rather than being out in public spaces? Probably not, I’d say. But then there is the question of when it is art and when it is vandalism – in the art-work itself – vandalism is mentioned (rather than ‘andalism’) – the heart shape is like a ‘V’. Do we love vandalism, or is it plain vandalism?

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    1. 😂 Joan, you dug deeper than me and yes, I now see the mystery message! I am not against street art. I ❤️ it!! Of course, some more than others. There is a definite surge in street art everywhere I go.


    1. I googled the words. Urban dictionary a bit of help. I love the colors and it brightened my day. Parking garages can be grey. And no, not on my house either.


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