last request

her words too
to burn with her
no reason existed
pain enough would surface
in due time, memories return to reality
paper leaves blowing
folding shadows dissapear
among forhead creases
she swore to gods and goddesses
faith exists in God
and only men can hear
her words indelible
flowers fade too
green grass only exists in dreams


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  1. this one for you – Jeanne! πŸ™‚

    words found
    amongst the
    rainbows –
    of happiness
    to despair, within,
    released with wings
    to touch those
    that can feel
    their –
    untainted colours

    yet she writes
    with a wish
    in her heart
    and a poetic
    β€œlast request”
    that may her’s
    be gone
    with her forever
    for –
    β€œflowers fade too’.

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