Jersey cows, rock flute and Thanksgiving in America

Iron-clad feather-feet pounding the dust,…

Heavy Horses, move the land under me.
Behind the plough gliding slipping and sliding free.
Now you’re down to the few
And there’s no work to do:
The tractor’s on its way.

My grandfather farmed with Draft Horses up until 1967 when he purchased a John Deere tractor. My grandparents were original organic farmers before it became hip. His Jersey cows originated from Jersey England as did our family (at least nearby).

Creatures Great

Jersey cows are the friendliest of cows. They approach with curiosity. “Introduce yourself.” they say as they lick your hand, then kindly pose for a photo shoot. Always the ladies, they are. My grandfather played classical music morning and night for their entertainment. They loved him and he loved them. So many fond memories.

I love the sound of flute in rock music. Shame it is not heard much anymore.  A link should you want to explore rock flute.

So there is my Jethro Tull mindset.  Have a blessed ThanksGiving America. Thanks and Giving, two personal traits to shower on others. I pray you are blessed with love. 

A family recipe passed down from England is Plum Pudding. Traditionally baked at Christmas, but in the spirit of holiday celebration , I share it:

Since I have never tasted it, the time spent baking, without prior knowledge if the family would enjoy, I have yet to make it. Nonetheless, my grandmother’s handwriting is lovingly framed. 

Lastly, may you find yourself surrounded by family and friends and the Macy’s Parade goes off without any terror to rock the world. Be well, J


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jeanne. Have a great weekend with the ones you love! I love the Jersey cows and Jethro Tull. Been to their concert years ago! Your Granny’s recipe is precious! Much love, 🙂

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