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dreams to last

The world has been dark for years now, nothing has shone for days. And then, then a sliver of hope arrives at morning.

Pinch her, she is alive!!

He pinchs her. She smiles. He freezes and she wonders why. Life never gives up breaking her soul. She refuses to wake up and so the story goes. How long the dark remains is anyone’s guess.

This Christmas, prayers are said she will finally come through. Her faith lessens daily. She no longer prays. Left to the dust and swept away, roots slowly grow out of her arms and legs, fastened to wet ground. A carpet of moss creeps round, a landing place for mourners.

A balloon drifts over her body, unable to rise. Angels fear to tread and only the brave attempt to stir her. Nothing is written to explain the grave. Only she knows he is a dream and they will wake soon. 

2 thoughts on “dreams to last

    1. Hmmm. We tell ourselves we will survive, buried in tears, and I wonder if we believe fairy tales if only to keep our spirits satisfied. I am not sure if I totally understand anything but I wrestle all the same. Thanks for the comment.

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