She knew who he was but struggled to see clearer. The wiping of her eyes produced nothing. It was her mind that was dragging, digging up past meetings. Words raised from the dead began dancing in her head. What was he feeling?

They searched for a uniform for her. She disgustedly looked at the colors and noticed names on the boards next to the grades. Was she in eight grade? Wow, college graduation was a few days ago. She knew better than to stay at his work but the intrigue grew inside her heart.

The owls in the room began to screech. She took off to watch the children in the playroom construct housing, future home designs for world overpopulation. Houses would need to be smaller and the kids quite creative. She spent hours watching their hands move with the mind’s eye seeing into the future.

He knew her but struggled to see her. His back turned towards the sun, he refused to look. The thoughts of her darkness spooked his soul. No matter the fates of their lives they both took matters into their own hands. She donned the uniform and strode off into the sunset.


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