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Public announcement 😳

mistake, word for the day

WordPress mistakes of late have been plenty. The missing posts from my Reader a headache. I am truly sorry if I have missed yours. Just be mindful, it is not my mistake or ignoring or isolation. πŸ€•

On a different note, I am training to be a volunteer child advocate in Indianapolis as the number of families facing hardship rises. The parental mistakes need attention and the children πŸ‘Ά need assurance it is not their fault. They are wedged in society, between family and the law and we advocates look to remedy their situation. It would be a mistake to look the other way.

Someone needs to be their voice,  their fairy, their wish come true. Say a prayer πŸ™πŸ» , send well wishes for the impoverished, the downtrodden, the ones invisible to society. They are hidden in corners, live in shelters, hide under their bed. They go to school, flunk out and bare the repercussions. Then, with a gleam, a twinkling of stars ✨ hope glimmers around their souls. Smiles appear from behind closed doors πŸšͺ. Peace ✌️ rests again until another child, tomorrow. 

Be well, j


9 thoughts on “Public announcement 😳

  1. I’ve had many of those same glitches, in fact I see that I wasn’t following you you anymore. I’ve lost so many that way. Allbest in your new endeavors…I’m sure you will be a light to many

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  2. This is how to heal the world: one child at a time. Bless you for doing such important work. It is said that if one adult tells a child she believes in him or her, it makes an incredible difference to that child’s future and they can make it through the hard times. I know, because I was one.

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    1. Bless you Sherry. Your words are the wind beneath my wings. The world is not comfortable but it is beautiful, even in the most unlikely ways. We bless each other with time, smiles and listening ears. πŸ’›πŸ€—


  3. Thank you for joining us, Jeane. And yes, we must not ever forget the children. Your work must be extra difficult during the present upheaval. And I must also thank you for doing what you do. Both the children, and we elders are certainly at risk. Perhaps we all are. I wish you fortitude and blessings in your endeavors.


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