Last year’s purpose (did I succeed?)

Kaliedoscope of Color
Indianapolis Public Library

Change: mindscape fashioned from wind and rain and sun.

My life was once a shattered mess.  Oh, wait! it still is as I work on picking up the pieces and mending my heart and mind.

The year 2017 has found freedom to live outside the box.  Most days I walk along the edge, teetering on the verge of collapse.  I ride out the waves and sink into the deep crevices of my mind.  Still, I rise to witness 2017.

I fulfilled my vision board of 2016 to write on this blog, missing a few days.  I imagined ideas that floated past my eyes and scooped them into a butterfly net.  It was I, I caught.

I took to Santa Fe, a long fulfilled dream, and I will be going back, should I remain brave.

I sat at the beach, sand filling my toes, lazed at the shore and heard her lullaby.

Don’t stop searching.  Peer within.
Be amazed at what you find.
Keep growing.  Jump outside the lines.

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