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Winter Wonderland 

One last 2016 Sunday post I missed last week at Christmas 🎄 busy with family home from Boston and IU.  We spent Christmas Eve in Chicago enjoying the sights and sounds. I was surprised to find a Christmas market like those in Germany, serving hot mulled wine, potato pancakes and sausage. I also bought my daughters hand-painted blown glass ornaments. 

Christkindlmarket, Chicago

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived.

paper cut snowflakes
swirls of frosting covered hills,
jingle bells on horse manes
festive sidewalks battle chills.

hearts aglow, singing carols
air rings of peace, hope and joy,
neighbors, more than neighbors
knit together by a Savior boy.

This quatrain depicts a Christian western history.  Faith is dying in the western hemisphere.  Churches are empty.  Bibles sit on bookshelves, unread.  Some blame zealous religious, and too many instances prove them right.  Religion misunderstands evil if it practices sin.  It is blinded by its own mask.

If humanity is disillusioned by a man named Jesus, a holiday named Christmas, those who believe are to blame.  Believers lock themselves away and take a vow of silence.  Fear is courage overcome, bravery is willing to die for truth.   I pray once again those who hope see the plight of many faces, many obstacles and make a stand.

I am a sinner and not perfect as I would like.  I want to be one who hears an inner voice and fights for what she believes.  I have seen my Savior, dressed in a blue, flowing robe, on a Christmas morn years ago.  He blessed me with inner peace, that was disturbed for many years after my brother’s suicide.  I have crawled on my knees back to sanity (or maybe not 😂).  Many will call me a fool.  I am grateful to be alive.

Always a fellow blogger, J 

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