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seemingly insignificant

Sorry for posting so much. Most of what I write is for myself and i throw it out for reaction. I think i also write to know i am alive, even if some days i feel death approach.

No, you are not insignificant, you mean much to me, a sounding board for thoughts. Often my thoughts are drafty, need tightening up to keep the cold wind from blowing death towards my efforts. To keep darkness at bay. Regardless, darkness is inevitable within each of us, no matter how hard we try to be light. Every one burns out eventually, become a mere mirage of themselves. But if i die, it is because i, i am the cause of my future and only me.

I read an interesting new year post that caused me to think and i love those posts being a thinker of sorts. My conclusion to her post was this:

i find myself needing to project someone into the future, a someone who i can identify with and pursue her. That her is me.Β  j

Is that not what life is about? Searching the elusiveness of our presence. We appear but are ghosts of the past, present and future. I am not just flesh and bones, but spirit leaving a mark on you and even strangers as i pass them by. They make judgments by what they see, if they notice me. We all make judgments. Criticize our weight, our creativeness, compare ourselves to those we think are geniuses and leaving our potential behind, failing to grow in search of ourselves.

I am insignificant. I am nobody, and yet i feel my breath. I wait each moment to hear another sigh, another hello, another goodbye. Who i am at the end, i hope she is the person i want her to be.

I only fail, if.

8 thoughts on “seemingly insignificant

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  2. “Who i am at the end, i hope she is the person i want her to be.” Words to live by. Thank you for the inspiration. Wishing you a poetic New Year in which you come closer to realizing the person you wish to be. Looking forward to chatting in 2017!

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