This morning 

I miss the days my kiddos were young and the funny things they say. To make up for those lost days of youth in my life, I spend mornings with a neighbor’s son to get him on the school bus. He was especially wound up this morning.

“I ate the sun last night.”

“Oh? Did you let it cool first?”

“Yes, it turned into the moon and never came back again.”

It is a gloomy day, rain is forecast instead of snow. No snow day today, so he trudges off to catch the bus.

While getting on his shoes, he proudly announced “I got two left feet!”



A YouTube sensation in the making. Or maybe not. I’m not convinced looking down. Yet he still insists. Maybe I’ll be a believer by the end of the day.

Hope your day is well and full of silliness. Some days need humour and such great medicine is a smile to share the day!!


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  1. I’m with you, Jeanne–there’s nothing like whatever comes from the mouths of babes to cheer or enlighten, or at least ponder! I don’t have kids, and thus no grandkids, so no resources for now.

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