friend or foe?

First, relax! Whatever is personally happening in your life need not become a mushroom cloud.

Sahara Desert, God’s Sandbox, 2010

My daughter, pictured above, spent a college semester in Rhennes, France and traveled as Europeans do. Towards the end of her travels, she skyped to invite me to come to Paris and spend the end of her trip walking the streets, enjoying art museums and sidewalk cafes. I had to decline but was never happier. She found something I may never enjoy.

Listening or reading the news today, I notice an emotional bomb has gone off in the world. America, your marching hate towards each other. The violence in the streets and ugly words in your heart are destroying this country and decent people who work hard for peace and justice. I hope this prayer reverbates around your head…STOP! Nothing speaks louder than love and I pray love wins the day. 

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  1. I especially love the first line about not letting things become a mushroom cloud–I kinda did that last week, and it was no fun at all! Your daughter is Lovely!!

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