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To Where?


Have I disappointed my parents who took me to church on Sundays? Is it possible for spiritual devastation, if they reside in heaven, hear my questions and read my thoughts, God’s mighty hand striking my soul dead? Will I ever see them again?

My parents were not truly believers in the sense of commitment other than finding a  pew to sit and listen. My dad’s eyes tilted downward, us kids squirming in our Sunday best, mom’s face, well I bet you can guess. Sitting there, trying to behave, I swear my tights had ants crawling around inside, looking for their home. Had I stepped on their nest, they hitching a ride to some where?

Reading the Bible, a verse clearly stands out regarding the mighty ant, much like an Aesop fable, informing the reader clearly to be diligent and proud as an ant.  Be busy as the ants, we are called, marching orders from a voice, unclear from which direction. Perhaps it is my own voice pushing me on. To where I wonder. To where?


Viktor Frankl introduced a psychological spirit, a dimension beyond the physical body and mind. This innovative idea superseded Freud’s and Adler’s concept of physical desires and individual barriers. Frankl implemented Logotherapy as therapeutic, to bring meaning in life’s suffering and hopelessness. We can all agree suffering is a daily occurrence.  Some one, some where is looking for answers. Frankl wanted to provide hope, in a super transcendence, mindful way. Super Meaning for all regardless of religious belief.

Viktor Frankl never publically acknowledged his (dis)belief in God to keep his theories free from chastising agnostics and atheists. I believe that was a good choice. How can you heal and not harm by dismissing a fellow human in need, especially if they do not believe in a higher power? Regardless, Frankl believed all people had a spirit, whether unconsciously or consciously aware of that presence. Souls are unseen, after all.

Right before my parents passed away they confessed a belief God existed. Was this a proclamation of just in case! A what if? You and I may never agree on a where but I believe humanity is capable of the why,  of understanding our brothers and sisters. Why not?


13 thoughts on “To Where?

  1. I’ve been writing for about forty years, and have gone through many phases with it. As far as I am concerned, all of my writing is personal, it comes from within me, my thoughts, feelings, imagination, and so on. And it is all a prayer, whether I define it that way, in the moment. It is a continuous, and continuing conversation I am having with myself, and my concept of God. And it is all about how to let those aspects grow within me. I seldom have a finished idea when I begin, I simply sit down and start. But as I go from one sentence to another, I find a path that leads me to where I need to be. That is when I know I am finished. My concepts are far from those of my parents, yet bits and pieces of their truth still reside within me. And that is the way it should be. I began with them, but must continue to grow. And I have.



  2. That metaphor of a rope hanging from a beam is a strong one – and it’s good that you have that – it could mean so much. Sometimes, you may need to particularly not go there. Keep yourself safe – you need yourself if you are going to explore these ideas further.


      1. All this is such a complicated idea – but I think we do get thoughts from all over the place – from things we’ve read, from people we’ve known – and you can get to a point, I think, where you wonder which of the thoughts (or beliefs) are your own, and which are someone else’s.

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      2. I was wondering when you write do you find you write (sub/un)consciously, then go back consciously to edit? I had no intention to make the layers but perhaps (sub/un)consciously it happened. Thanks for reading/commenting. J


      3. I didn’t realise at all that I wrote from my subconscious – it’s a long story, and eventually, it may come out through the blog – but things started jumping out out at me from what I wrote (this was when I was in a time of great stress) and then disappearing again. I call it the ‘subconscious’ because Freud is one of the theorists I’m interested in (not necessarily as truth, but as a system of thought – though I do think Freud got it right so often) and Freud said the unconscious couldn’t be reached. I don’t know if Freud ever used the term ‘subconscious’ – I know he was thinking in terms of a pre-conscious at one point, but then got into the idea of super-ego, ego, and id – the id is particularly interesting since, through that – all the things you wouldn’t ordinarily think or do – too horrible – they are there in the id. So – to me, anyway, when you have those horrible thoughts – it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bad – just human. You have an id like everyone else. (This is the idea I get from it.) Your id is controlled eventually, through childhood – by your superego, which is like a conglomeration of parents, grandparents, teachers, anyone in authority over you – that voice of conscience that makes you squirm. You might know all this.
        Anyway – yes – I do write from my subconscious, and finally noticed it and acknowledged it to myself when I noticed that my fiction, my essays, diary, anything and everything – could be telling the same story in fact – mine. They may seem different on the surface, but have the same message underneath. I dream also – and my dreams also have the same elements, tell the same story.
        No. It’s not mystical. It’s trauma underneath. This is it with me, anyway.

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      4. All so interesting, as i wrestle with very similar ideas. For a long time i saw this process as untangling a rope, a rope that hung from a beam, and i had two choices, one easy and another of great effort. I am in an undergrad psych personality theory class and notice many elements of top thinkers hold truth. I am writing my paper on Viktor Frankl, and he dwells in evil and rises to find meaning in good. Love his message but struggle with him, as i struggle with me.

        Thanks for your insights. Be well! J💛


      5. Ah! Another thought – I’m playing ‘Pokemon Moon’ at the moment, and there is a rope you can acquire to get you out if you fall into a dark cave – I haven’t fallen into a dark cave in the game yet, but I’ve got that rope there for just in case. You don’t have to hang yourself with the rope – which was my first thought. Frankl – maybe he had some sort of escape rope.
        You don’t have to take any notice at all of this if it messes you up, in fact, or your paper.

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