She was that
rosy-colored spectacles girl,
abrupt turn -enter stage right
“Rude Awakening”!

She saw the light
twice, in one day,
she changed her hair
and wrote God a letter.

7 thoughts on “Broadway

    1. Thanks for reading. To find truth, power and our way in life. Maybe work on the poem to be more impactful. ? What do u think? Short and sweet or delve in a bit more? My poems have been called ambigious…so like me. Ambivalent.


      1. I wasn’t sure if I should mention it, because maybe my mind is just dull–but when my comments on your work seem without much substance, it’s usually because, to me, your words seem ambiguous or obscure in meaning. You should write however you write, and if ambiguity suits you, that’s fine. But if we’re hoping readers will relate to what we’ve said, then we have to be clear. Since I write mostly short form poetry, it’s a challenge some days to make my meaning clearly understood–to get it to fit in so few words 🙂 Hope you’ve received this from my best-heart-intentions, and not as harsh criticism ❤

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    1. Thanks for reading. Perhaps maturity comes with removing our blind spots… i feel stuck in this poem… imprisoned to write more. Thoughts? Seems there could always be more or something…


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