Oh yes! met a queen here and immediately ruined the peace in my head. With no explanation, all became quiet. She left. Again. 

I should be estatic but I had been through three of her blogs, up they went and down they came. She changed faster than a chameleon on a rainbow. Once, she personally invited me back by email. Great! I liked her, she commented a lot, enjoyed her conversation….

So what the hell happened this time??? What sucks the most is I am but dust in her eyes, easily wiped and settled. She has ransacked my blogging world. All the drama stuff, perches her self on the pedestal… well I hope you fall. 

I doubt your reading this, you unfollowed me. If you are reading, I hope to goodness our paths never cross, ever. 

So here’s my drama stuff. I need to recover. If your wondering why its crickets, I’m not feeling well. ;( 

Happy writing, J (and be nice!)


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    • 😡and not in a good way. I like being here and sharing but it becomes a problem if you get hurt. Just needed time away and perhaps less in the future. πŸ’›βœŒπŸΌ

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