these days

these days
a burden
in my head
monsters play games
with my soul
tease and extol
banish me from life

and i sit with
my thoughts
they tantalize
cajole and mesmerize
keep me at bay
your love here to stay

but i look
out onto the horizon
and all i see is pain
on the faces
the men walking by
they seem to nod
but i am blind.

you paid a price  -your sacrifice
and i miss your care
every March
burns on my feet
the hot sands of summer
remind me of passing time.

Be well friends, j

3 thoughts on “these days

    1. i want to say something productive, healing, but all i can think of are thorns. there are no beautiful petals in my eyes or rose scents to please my thoughts.

      but your words, your words are much appreciated. your presence, in some unconscious way, heals when i read your thoughts. so considerate and thank you.

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